Compliments and Reviews

1/22/11: I recieved an email from a pioneer in the coffee business in Seattle:

PS the Fig-espresso jam is an inspired recipe.

I’ve only had one official review, at the Bellevue Farmers Market blog and here it is;

 Handmade in Seattle by Rome. Handmade features luscious fruit butters and jellies, including a Pear Butter (with or without ginger) to die for. So far I’ve enjoyed it on cornbread and swirled into old-fashioned oatmeal. More unusual and also worth a taste is Handmade’s Sangria Jelly. If you wonder, like I did, what you would do with sangria jelly, imagine spooning it over baked brie and loading the whole thing on a cracker. Uh-huh. That suggestion sounded good to me–I got a jar to share at my next book club meeting. For a complete run-down of flavors and some recipe ideas, check out Handmade’s blog.

Here, slightly more fun, are some of the best compliments I’ve had:

Holly’s boyfriend: “If I was a croissant, this is the jam I’d want on me.”

Unkown market guy: “That would be good spread on a two by four.”


1 Response to Compliments and Reviews

  1. Margaret M says:

    My husband and I routinely have the Apple Maple on oatmeal or greek yogurt for our morning breakfast. It is always a good start to the day.


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