Kumquat Chutney and a shout-out.

Well, Tigress, whom I greatly admire, posted about a chutney made of kumquats. I was intrigued for a few different reasons — the spicing was different than I usually use, it used kumquats, and it introduced the sichuan pepper. The sichuan pepper turns out not to be a real pepper, but one of the many things humans apparently eat to give themselves a thrill. I had never tried it so I went and got some.

These little suckers have a numbing effect on your mouth, which is really quite pleasant. The saleslady at the store stated they lose their tingle when cooked but I didn’t find that.

I chopped up some kumquats —

and made up the chutney. I had a leftover pork chop which I served with it and it was terrific.

I got the peppercorns from World Spice Merchants, a local spice shop. This shop has everything. You can lookat and smell each spice, and I bought those peppers and some true cinnamon for less than $5.

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