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How to use your jam — a short illustrated lesson

So last weekend at the Market I seemed to have a lot of conversations that started with “how would you use that?” as bewildered customers looked at a jar of chutney. A large number of questions centered around the pomegranate … Continue reading

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Marmalade Cocktail?

A recent blog entry on ways to use your marmlade includes a referrence to a recipe for a marmalade cocktail. It’s just whisky, water and sweetened with a tad of marmalade. It reminds me of a Manhatten and if I … Continue reading

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Kumquat Chutney and a shout-out.

Well, Tigress, whom I greatly admire, posted about a chutney made of kumquats. I was intrigued for a few different reasons — the spicing was different than I usually use, it used kumquats, and it introduced the sichuan pepper. The sichuan pepper turns … Continue reading

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