East meets West in a game of chicken

I regret not getting the camera out when I started, but I hope to add a picture of the finished product. The story is that on a whim, I asked Jennifer at Crown S. Ranch if they had any chicken livers. And in a couple of weeks she brought me a packet of frozen chicken livers. But these aren’t just any chicken livers, these livers come from chickens that live the high life in the Methow Valley. Here’s a picture of their accommodations:

and they live in the  most beautiful place in the world, with happy, contented and organic, neighbors like this:

But my book club was reading a book about immigrant cooking, and we needed appropriate snacks for lower East Side tenement dwellers. (The book, 97 Orchard, is very good, by the way.) The net result, chopped Methow Chicken Livers, which is a contrast in cultures in a whole number of ways.

The chickens have better accomadations:

But the chicken livers are delicious.

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