Finally, hot enough!

Every week at the market, some customer says, “do you have any really hot jelly?” and I’m forced to say no. So on Saturday, I’m next to Alvarez Organic Farms and they have this beautiful display of peppers and I say, I’m going to make a really hot one. So I got about a pound of mixed hot peppers — including



Some of these long green guys:

and a couple of others.

Then Andy, from Hedlin, asked what I was doing and showed up with a little bag that had some brown habaneros:

and a whole mess of these skinny red ones:

I went to the supermarket, bought some rubber gloves and made a nice “hot pepper jelly” from this mixture. It’s too hot for me, and too hot for one of the mexican bakers in the kitchen, but the falalfel guy loves it and the other baker thinks its good.


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