How do you like them Apples?

I was thinking about why I write so seldom on this blog, when I realized I don’t have to think about something special, only to write about what I’m thinking about, which for the last couple of weeks has been Apples.  For example, see this terrific photo essay on apples on the Mercer Island Farmers Market blog.  I made some terrific apple butter from Les Price’s  Jones Creek Farm Gravenstiens a few weeks ago.Those little puppies just jumped in the pot and said “we’re apple butter now”.
Since then I’ve been hanging out near his stand in the market , eating terrific
apples – Cox’s Orange Pippen? Cortland? Who knew? – and trying to learn stuff.

This week I made Apple lemon Honey jam from Food in Jars , Again with Les’s apples.
The honey was from Dave at Island Apiaries. This experience is why I
make jam and hang out in the Market. This jam is tasty, more like a good lemon
marmalade, but the apple shines through as well. Apples and honey are
traditional for Rosh Hashanah foods, and so Shana Tova  (A sweet new year) to all.

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