Serindipity, or wait and you’ll get what you want.

So last Friday I was using my lunch hour to make calls trying to find pie or sour cherries. Washington grows great cherries — large luscious, sweet Bings, Chelans, Rainiers — but they aren’t the same as a sour pie cherry. No luck.

Saturday I get my tent set up at Issaquah Farmers Market and go to chat with First Fruit, from Wenatchee. He’s got nice big Bings and Rainiers and just volunteers — would you like some Montmorencys. I was on that offer like Ichiro on a slow one down the middle. The price negotiation was funny in retrospect — he named a price, I took it. So I went home Saturday with 20 pounds of pie cherries —

and now I have a ton of Pie Cherry jam.

Its been a miserably cold spring in Washington. Most of the fruit is three weeks late. The upside is that everything is coming at once. Strawberrys, raspberries and blueberries all appeared within three weeks, and peaches are already in. I made a bunch of raspberry jam for this week and am going to make some variations this next week. I’ll take encouragement but so far my ideas are raspberry-chocolate and raspberry-habenero.


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