B & B means basil and balsamic

I had fun in the kitchen on Monday, in celebration of a wealth of strawberries. First, a customer asked if I had ever made strawberry jam with chocolate mint. Being the smart mouth that I am, I replied that I would if I could get some chocolate mint. So, calling my bluff, she showed up on sunday with a baggie of the stuff.

I’ve never tried chocolate mint, but it tastes like mint with a slight background of chocolate.

So I whipped a batch of strawberry jam with chocolate mint. It’s good, but it could have used more of the chocolate mint — so next time a bigger handful.

Another customer reported a delicious strawberry jam with basil, and I had been meditating on strawberries with balsamic vinegar. I found myself doing my prep wondering out loud, ‘how much balsamic”. I settled on a 1/3 of a cup per batch, and I must say that ‘this jam is a winner!” I’ll make more when local basil comes in. (“When local basil comes in”, in Seattle, that might be like saying “when h*** freezes over’)

I also made aprium jam, more stuff with cherries and Sangria Jelly. A busy day and why I like the jam business.

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