Why I love the Farmers Market

As I was cooking up a half-dozen 1/2 flats of strawberries yesterday I thought about how much I enjoyed my weekend at the various farmer’s markets I attended. It all started at the Bellevue Farmer’s market when  red pickup pulled  in and said “Hayton Farms, are we in the same spot?” The truck was full of strawberries from the Skagit Valley and boy are they delicious.

I then traded a jar of jam for a loaf a sourdough bread from Preston Hill Bakery, got an organic pork chop from my other neighbor and went home for dinner. It rained at the Issaquah Farmers Market on Saturday, so I spent the day eating. Baked goods from Grand Central Bakery, Phud Thai, Molly Moon Ice Cream, and of course — strawberries.

Sunday was a slower day then my first day at Mercer Island but it was lots of fun. I’ve got two great neighbors — Hand Farm Organics and Crown S Ranch. The Hand Farm guys are hard working and pleasant types. From them I got some kale, which I steamed with garlic and then put some halibut on top:


I also got some sweet baby turnips, which lasted until last night when I braised them and served them over pasta with sage and some ricotta.

From Jenny at Crown S I got a dozen eggs of many colors, including vibrant orange yolks.

I’ve got bad farm envy of Crown S, they go the full Joel Salaten with Chicken Tractors, pigs in the meadows and to top it off, they’re located in the Methow, one of God’s most beautiful places. The offer agriturismo visits which I intent to take up.


The best part of all was spending Monday making jam — Strawberry, Strawberry with Mint and Black Pepper, Strawberry with Chipotle, and Strawberry with Vanilla Bean and Amaretto. I’m ready for another fun weekend.


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