Farmers Market in Spring

Tigress, who is my blogging hero(ine), posted a good link this morning about how to go to the farmers market. Early spring can be a time of disappointed expectations, with not much popping out of the ground, no big tomatoes, no corn or berries. But great stuff is there to be found — yesterday at the Issaquah Farmers Market there was local spuds, nice early garlic, the last of the leeks, greens and what my mom called ‘salad truck’. Radishes, with local home-made butter and French bread are a great idea.

On another note, my Grand Central Baking neighbor, Christine, is leaving to go back to school. I was unsuccessful in convincing her that graduate school was a waste of her talents but all of us at the market will miss her.

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3 Responses to Farmers Market in Spring

  1. Sunnie says:

    Not really related to this post, but I bought a jar of meyer lemon vanilla marmalade from you at the Fremont Sunday market a month or two back, and I’ve stretched it as far as I could, but it’s all gone now.. that stuff was seriously amazing! Looked for you at Fremont today hoping you might have a jar left, but didn’t find you, alas. 🙂 I’m sure it’s all gone, but if you have any left and know where I might find you to get it, please let me know!!

    • Sunny, the meyer lemon is all gone, and I’m not at Fremont over the summer. You can find me at Bellevue on Thursday nights, Issaquah on Saturdays and Mercer Island on Sundays and I might have something else to tempt you.

      • Sunnie says:

        Great! I may see you at Issaquah or Mercer Island one of these weekends, then. 🙂 Thanks!

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