Those pesky labels

I make and sell jam in jars that are perfectly recyclable. I use them to store leftovers, nuts and bolts, business cards, spices. You can put them in the recycling bin. I’d like to use them over for jam but I’ve had problems getting the labels off.

(Important note: You can use the glass jars over for jam or jelly making, you can use the metal rings, but the flat tops are one time use only.)

I was strolling through the TV channels the other  day, and saw the solution on an home improvement show. The key is your ‘slow cooker’.  So this is the process. Wash out the jars, and throw them into your slow cooker.

Then add a few squirts of Goo Gone, a citrus based cleaner.

I turn the cooker on low, leave it all day or overnight. Then I turn it off and let the jars cool. Mostly the labels peel right off, but every now and then there’s a tough one, but it will yield to a Tuffy’

Occasionally I get some glue residue, and a dry paper towel works well. You can use a clean jar for a new batch of jam. Remember to use a new flat lid.

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2 Responses to Those pesky labels

  1. jake says:

    Why do you have to use a new flat lid?

    I have too many of your jars now – I wish we could give ’em back for jam refills.

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