The Auld Country

I don’t get much comment action on my blog, but I got one this morning and it was fun. Brigette, whom I’ve never met, posted from her blog in the Arigna Valley, not far from Sligo. Years ago, Megan the rabbi and I decided that Sligo was the perfect town. By perfect, we mean lots of bookstores. Just the other day I was describing myself as ‘an aged man, a paltry thing’ and was disappointed that my audience, a university professor, didn’t recognize the Yeats.

Anyway, Bridgette posted a good recipe for rhubarb and apricot jam, which I’m going to try, if Cha shows up with rhubarb at the Issaquah Market tomorrow.

Here’s a photo of the Jam:

Between Tigress moving to the Berkshires for the summer and this, I’ve got my ‘living in the country’ envy going pretty strongly.

My last random, really random note of the day. Its hard to describe the difficulty it took to get my mind wrapped around the Somalian man, performing his prayers in the corner of the shared kitchen yesterday, the corner usually filled with the mexican baker. The baker complains about the difference between him and his assistant, because the baker is from Vera Cruz and the assisstant from Oaxaca. I’m from the same town they filmed Jersey Shore in —

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One Response to The Auld Country

  1. David O'Connor says:

    Love Sligo, stayed a few days there ever year for the past 6 years. If you get back check out Bistro Bianconi for great Italian food inc. home made pasta. There are two, one primarily carry out and one a sit down restaurant. Bigger menu at the bigger place. Sligo is great except for a maze of one way streets that always seem to send me over a bridge towards Leitrim.

    Note: Carlo Bianconi was a famous Irish businessman in the 1800’s. He brought transit to Ireland. He started with one coach and a couple of horses and ended up owning more horses than the entire British Army. Also started a chain of coaching inns for stopovers at hubs. Sort of the Irish Greyhound, FedEx and Motel 6 combined. Also became mayor of Clonmel in Tipp.


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