Sweet Omelets

In my never-ending quest to get all people to eat more jam, I suggest a sweet omelet. The concept is old-fashioned, to be sure. Escoffier states that omelets can be filled with jam or jelly, but when I look at newer cookbooks they’re all savory — feta cheese seems to be popular. This recipe is stolen from The Nero Wolfe Cookbook. Nero Wolfe was a popular fictional detective from the 1930s to the 1960s, so this recipe is pre-Mad Men. I’ve simplified it, the original is called Hedgehog omelet. I also don’t have to tell anybody how to make an omelet.

1. For a two or three egg omelet, toast a small handful of sliced or slivered almonds in your favorite omelet pan.

 I have a tendency to burn nuts while toasting, so the minute I can smell them I throw in what English cookbooks call “a knob” of butter. Let the butter foam up-

And when the foam subsides, throw in some beaten eggs.

Make your omelet in the usual way. You could put the jam in it before rolling it out, but I think it looks better if you simply cut a slit in the omelet and whack a tablespoon of apricot jam right in it.

 Several recipes say you could sprinkle with powdered sugar, or glaze it under a broiler, but those are restaurant tricks you may not need. You could skip the nuts, or use a berry or apple jam. I think I’m going to try my next omelet with one of my highly spiced jams — pear with balsamic and spices or spiced pluot.  Chutney would be good too.

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2 Responses to Sweet Omelets

  1. Wastrel says:

    In the original Hedgehog Omelet, the almonds are stuck into the omelet like spines (hence the name). Crumbled bacon and strawberry jam is my favorite filling.

  2. Kevin Naaj says:

    I do believe that the almond slivers are to be inserted into the omelet surface into a a football kind of shape. The almonds should resemble a hedgehogs coat.
    Kevin Nash , Mich.

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