Arrgh! Sugar! Continued

In order to be fair, there’s an extensive article in the New York Times Magazine this coming Sunday called “Is sugar Toxic?”   The author makes the contention that fructose has negative effects on the liver which then cascade to cause diabetes, heart disease and cancer. I’m not sure I buy the whole argument, but you can read it for yourself. My disagreement is twofold. First, as Michael Pollen argues, its not good science to just single out one item in a human diet and blame it for a number of consequences. Second, moderation should play an important part in all we eat. We eat a number of other toxins, alcohol, cafeine, and they all seem fine in moderation.

Jam and jelly, of course, contain pectin, a valuable dietary fiber, so be sure  to eat some every day.

Later that same day: found this on facebook, from Grist, the environmental blog:


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