Artisanal v. Preservationist

Tigress, in her Facebook post this morning,  referred me to this long blog comment in Doris and Jilly. Doris and Jilly were upset at the snide and snarky tone of a New York Times article about some home preservation techniques. I’m intrigued by the distinction between the ‘home preservationists’ and the ‘artisan’ food types. I’m stuck in the middle of this debate, because I’m a big preservationist — after all I make jam. On the other hand, I’m certainly artisanal. I’m really not very interested in economy. I use organic and expensive ingredients and charge accordingly. I do like to use local when possible. (Note to self — sugar beets used to be a big crop in Washington, why can’t I find local sugar?)

I have a couple of thoughts. One is that both fame and ill repute come to us all. If we’re successful preservationists, we’ll get stupid comments from Costco shoppers. If we make rare and delicious treats, The Atlantic magazine will trash us. In the words of the wise, what goes around comes around. I do admire that such a lively and exciting community exists.

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