Shrove Tuesday — pancakes

I made myself breakfast for dinner one night last week — nice sweet potato pancakes, and that led to thoughts about Pancakes as a lucky or celebratory food. My dad, Irish Catholic fellow that he was, always tried to eat pancakes for luck on Shrove Tuesday (the day before Ash Wednesday for you non-catholics). I also know people who eat pancakes for luck on New Years, and potato latkes are an important part of one of the Jewish holidays. Why pancakes?

I like the idea however, and have love to put jam on them. I had Apple Maple on the sweet potato pancakes and some pear butter on the second batch. Sorry no photos.

The rabbi is going to Ghana tomorrow and perhaps she’ll do some research and find out when the Ghana-people eat pancakes.

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One Response to Shrove Tuesday — pancakes

  1. I was taught pancakses on Tuesday because it’s the day before Lent, a time of fasting, so people use up and all their sugar and butter (and probably jam). Different cultures have different dessert type meals on this day. When I lives in Switzerland we had this brittle pastry thing with powdered sugar… Fasnacht Kuchlie or something like that, forget the spelling. They have wild festivals for Fasnacht there before Lent.

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