Banana Splits — for adults

A friend (Thank you Miss T) sent me a link to a local food blog, which goes right over my head. But then the blogger posted this recipe for a banana split –

All I can say is wow, I’m sure I don’t know how to spherify my strawberries. I do have recommendations for an easier banana split for adults. Recommendation number one — go to a good grocery store and get some good ice cream, I also think more flavors are better — so some vanilla would be good, perhaps some sherbet, maybe some mint. While you’re at the store get some bananas and some other fruit — stone fruit is best. Check your pantry for jam.

Then — peel and split the bananas, sprinkle with brown sugar, and caramelize with a blow torch. Arrange on a plate with small portions of your ice cream then add some Farmers Market Jam — raspberry with star anise is good, also some peach, and for a touch of adult — sangria jelly or pear with ginger.

And there you go.

PS the magic word for tomorrow is Banana Split.

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