Pray for Berries

When I was younger, and more of skier, I used to see bumper stickers with “pray for snow’ and even younger I did a lot of sailing and I’d pray for wind. At this time of year in Seattle I look at my shelf of jam and jelly and realize I’m sold out of strawberry, blueberry, and most of my raspberry jam. So PRAY FOR BERRIES.

I’m more interested in the berries as well because I’m trying to plan out my Farmers Market plans for the summer. I’m sure I’ll be back in Issaquah on Saturdays, but I would really like to add Mercer Island on Sundays and the Queen Anne Market on Thursday evenings. Applying to Farmers Markets is a funny business — the market managers want farmers, which I’m not, and then limit the number of each kind of producer — only one or two each of bakers, candy makers, and confiteurs like me. I’ve seen the competition and my stuff is more interesting, local and more fun, but there is only room for so much at each market. I’m sure hopeful, though.

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