The genesis of an new jam– or wierd but good.

So I made a new jam this last month, Dried Fig, Date, Lemon and Espresso. 

It’s the first jam I’ve invented all by myself. Not an adaptation from any other recipe, and not stolen in any sense. It’s gotten some good feedback and it’s interesting to see how it came to be.

I wanted to make a jam with coffee in it, as I like coffee, I live in Seattle, and it was a challenge. I was stumped until I got The Flavor Bible and figured out some fruit that might work. The next challenge was figuring out how to get the coffee into the jam. The problem is that coffee turns bitter when boiled, and if I added the coffee too soon I’d have some very bitter and yucky stuff. The solution to this problem came when I was on my way to cook some jam one morning and stopped at my favorite coffee shop:

The Solution was in front of my face. What I did was order six shots of espresso in a cup and take it to the kitchen. I made sure to add it at the very end, so it would not boil, and voila, fig jam with espresso.

Heres my recipe

14 oz good quality dried figs

8 oz chopped dried dates

2 Meyer Lemons

1/4 Cup espresso — from your local coffee shop — Cloud City if you live in North Seattle, Cafe Apassionatto in Queen Anne, Blue State Coffee in New Haven or the High Point in Mt. Airy.

3 cups organic sugar.

Bring the figs to a boil in 2 and 1/4 cups of water, take off the burner and set aside for an hour or so. Meanwhile, cut the lemons, peel and all into little pieces. After the figs are soft, pull them out of the water, put the lemons and the date water in the pot and boil until the lemon peel is soft — a few minutes. Meanwhile, chop up the figs into delicious little pieces. Put the figs, the dates and the sugar into the pot with the lemons, and cook until a nice  texture. Don’t go too thick because it will thicken some as it cools.  Take it off the heat and add the espresso. Stir it in. Bottle and process in the usual way.

As the girl said last week — Weird but good.

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One Response to The genesis of an new jam– or wierd but good.

  1. I’ve only recently started my jam making adventures so seems I’ve found your flavour-inspiring blog just in time! I was going to make fig jam next and dates sound fantastic…mmm…

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