Sugar and right livelihood

Is this package the devil in a powder?

As I sit in the Market on Sundays, I ask shoppers if they’d like a taste and from time to time I get the anti-sugar response. “No, I’m off sugar” or “Does it have sugar?”,  sometimes said with a tone implying that I’m selling crack to babies. (A side thought — I’ve never sold any jam to a woman carrying a yoga mat, a particularly Seattle marketing problem). Back to sugar – the other question I get is “do you have sugar free?” and my answer is that I don’t.

I feel that there  exists an undercurrent of unjustified scapegoating of sugar. People blame sugar, and  by implication, my wonderful jams, for their own difficulty in controlling their appetites. Sugar is natural, pretty pure and tastes good. I’ve tried the alternatives — agave, fruit juice and the like are simply fructose instead of sucrose — same calories, easier to digest and worse for your liver. Additionally, they add, what seems to me an off taste. I’m sure not about to add chemicals to my nice jams either.

I have to admit that I know some people for whom sugar avoidance is necessary. I have a friend who tends to over eat and so avoids that first taste of sugar. On the other hand, my daughter the rabbi has diabetes and does pretty well eating my jam in moderation.

So when you walk by the stand, and you don’t want a taste, just say so, my feeling won’t be hurt. But I feel that by making good jam I’m increasing the amount of happiness in a world with too much suffering, and it is ‘right livelihood.’

If you’re interested, this is the sugar I use:

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One Response to Sugar and right livelihood

  1. Mark Modig says:

    The other problem, if I understand correctly, is that sugar actually works as a preservative in these kinds of preparations. Lower or no sugar means poorer shelf life

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