The Flavor Bible

For Christmas, I got a book, and wow, what a book. The Flavor Bible is terrific.

What it is, after a couple of chapters about what makes things taste good, is a listing of foods, and each food is followed by a listing of flavors that might go with it. The authors got their recommendations by apparently interviewing some great chefs. So for each food you get a list of flavors, sometimes another list of combinations, or things that don’t work. The best part is the food-porn sidebars. Lists of menu items from top restaurants, or little descriptions of dishes.

I have a couple of quibbles. The pictures are beautiful, but not captioned. I thought the first two chapters were a waste of my time. But the lists — they’re great. This book has solved my long ranging problem, how to make a jam coffee to show my Seattle roots. Look for it soon.

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