The bitter taste of failure — or Onions make me cry

It’s wintertime, no berries except in the dried fruit bins, and time for imagination for jam. So last week I made some onion and garlic jam, thinking it would caramelize nicely and be delicious. It wasn’t. So down the garbage grinder it went. I very seldom make things that don’t turnout so well and while not a crushing blow, this failure only serves to remind me that I’ve got a lot to learn.

Moreover, I promised last week to go to the market rain or shine. I got down there and Mother nature was spraying the street with a fire hose. I didn’t set up, went home and knit and listened to Prairie Home Companion. What happens, a friend believes me, and shows up at the Market with hot chocolate for me. To ice the cake, we’re both at the same party on Wednesday night and I heard about it. Many times.

I did make yummy cider jelly with vanilla, and put some on my oatmeal this morning and will have it out Sunday — Rain or Shine. I made the jelly with local cider and didn’t strain it so good flavors.

I want to point out that Tigress final Can-jam is out, with dried fruit as the subject. I’m looking forward to some dried fig stuff as the winter goes on — dried fig, lemon and port? and some more chutneys.

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