The upside of not having berries at this time of year is that I get to look at other interesting fruits. Went down to the kitchen this morning and cooked up a batch or two of Clementine Marmalde, which is just yummy. I experimented a bit with one batch and came up with Clementine Marmalade with ginger and hot pepper. I made six jars at 10:30 this morning, and I only have three left now at one o’clock. The baker working in the kitchen bought two and my friend Bonnie bought one sight unseen just from the description. It is pretty damn good.

I also made some pineapple with vanilla and rosemary. I like to think that this is the jam that started it all. It was the first jam I made from Christine Ferber’s cookbook and really launched me into this hobby. Also one of my daughter the rabbi’s favorites.

I did think about why real vanilla bean works so well in jam and jelly. The reason is that the flavor is in the oil. When you use vanilla extract the flavor is in the alcohol which evaporates out. (Great deal on Vanilla Beans at Costco by the way — Madagascar beans at about $1.00 apiece.)

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