Not much to report on this week, by which I mean I didn’t make a new flavor. I did make a lot more apple butter, more cranberry jalapeno, and sangria, all of which seem somewhat holiday’ish’ to me. No more Eastside markets until spring, and I have some anxiety about what I’m going to do until then. I also should note that I’m starting to run out of berry jams — only one more plain raspberry, and there will be no more until the berries come back.

On the other hand, I saw Meyer Lemons in the market as well as clementines, and perhaps in a week or so we’ll have Meyer lemon jelly and clementine marmalade, so as the seasons turn, change happens . I’m planning to be at Fremont until the First of the year, and then try to get into the Ballard Market until the berries are ripe again.

A couple of items — First, there are a number of fruits that grow around here that I’d like to use next summer, if I could find them. So If anybody has leads to currents, pie cherries, figs, quince or gooseberries let me know. Second, a couple of my customers have asked for  a class, and I’m curious how much interest there might be in a one night jam and jelly-making class.

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