A Marketing Dilemma

So, I was reading the River Cottage Preserves cookbook, and I had just bought a cool apple peeling machine, and I came across a recipe called “compost-heap jelly.” Being who I am, fond of both recycling and irony, I proceeded to save a day’s worth of apple peelings, some lemon and orange rinds, cook them up, add sugar and make a very nice mild flavored jelly. And, if this was just me, I’d label it appropriately. But — I’m selling to people who may not get my sense of humor, not to mention the humorless bureaucrats who stop by from time to time to make sure I’m not poisoning the stoners in Fremont, so I need a new name. For the time being, I’m going to call it Basic Jelly. As I go through the winter I’m pretty sure that this is the jelly that will get the flavors added — lavender, thyme, mint and others that may come to mind.

On the other hand, I made a great Apple Marmalade flavored with Rosemary from Tigress in a Jam. The combination of the aromatic piney rosemary scent with the citrus is fantastic. This is what you need on your Christmas morning scones. I don’t feel guilty at all for borrowing Tigress’ recipes, because they’re really good. Back in stock, more Cranberry Jalapeno and Apple butter. The cranberries are organic, Native American grown from Oregon — pretty cool

This week is the last for the Bellevue Farmers Market, so I’ll be there rain, shine or snow. I’ll also be at the Fremont Market until at least Christmas.

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