This jam tastes like Passover!

That was the comment made by a young women on Sunday at the Fremont Market. She was tasting the Pear with Pinot Noir and cinnamon, which could I guess taste like the combination of  cinnamon flavored haroset and sweet red wine, but I think it’s much better. It started me thinking about names for my jams — I’ve always been pretty straightforward, but it would be fun to call it Passover Pear or some such name.

So I made Pluot with spices, a take-off on Tigress’s Plum Noir, and think I should name it The Dark Side of the Orchard. It’s highly spiced with black pepper prominent, but also fennel, bay, and cardamom, it’s a wintry wonderland. I also made some plain pear jam and pear jam with lime (tropical pear?). The most fun I had today was with my new apple peeling machine, so I made caramel apple jam — we could call it State Fair Jam.

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