Why my jam is better

   People often ask me at the market why my jam tastes so good, why its better than the five-pound jar from Costco. I don’t think I’m a great chef. I copy recipes slavishly from other writers. I follow the instructions and things work out. The reason my jam is better is that I’ve got better ingredients. Good fruit, good sugar and good flavorings.

A good example is this week. I bought a box of pears from Johnson Orchards at the Bellevue Farmers Market. They called them “Cascade”. They were large, sweet and not too crunchy. They were perfectly ripe and had lots of flavor. So I made Pear Pinot Noir and cinnamon and pear balsamic and spice jam this morning. Real Balsamic, fresh spices and an OK pinot noir and I’ve got tasty great jam.

I also got a few quince from a friends tree, and made a quince and apple jelly with star anise. I’m going to wait for feedback, but it looks pretty and its my first time with quince.

I’ll be at the Bellevue market on Saturday and Fremont on Sunday. I’m hoping for better weather.

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