The Spices of Fall

I spent monday in the kitchen with a batch of fruit and somehow I only made savory. The most interesting, from my perspective, was Apple Butter with Ancho Chilie. I took the recipe from Tigress. I splurged for great apples from Tiny’s Organic. They are called Arkansas Black, and are very dark red with a thick skin. When they cooked down they made a dark red jammy perfection. the chili adds some earth flavors and a depth to the butter.  I returned to the pear butter with dried cherries, a recipe I made in the Spring as well. Good pears — D’anjous and a good flavor. I took this recipe from Canning Across America, its by Greg Atkinson, the chef from the Herbfarm. Finally, I made something hot enough for the macho masochists who ask me for hot pepper jam every week — Cranberry and Jalapeno Jam. I found local organic cranberries at Whole foods, and then went and got some of each kind of hot pepper — jalapeno, serrano, habenero, and Thai bird peppers. Hot, hot, hot!.

I got a nice write-up in a local blog – Urban Farm Junkie. Its got a picture of the now finished fig jam and a nice tribute to the Sangria Jelly. 

I’ll be at the Bellevue Market Saturday and in Fremont on Sunday.

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