Ways to use your jam

Ways to use your jam: 

-. On your toast – English Muffin, scone, bagel

-. In your yogurt;

-. In your oatmeal – cream of wheat, grits

-. with peanut butter

– . On your turkey sandwich

–  as a glaze on your pork — ham chicken, salmon

–  with cheese on a cracker – baguette, French bread

–  in your rice pudding – tapioca, vanilla pudding,

–  as a filling for a layer cake

–  topping for a cheese cake

–  as a glaze on a fruit tart

–  As a side with fried rice, roast meat

–  on your french toast, pancakes, waffles

–  On ice cream

–  EAT IT WITH A SPOON – finger, chopsticks, spatula

–  filling or topping for cookies

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