Wonderful jam, I hate business

Completely mixed up feelings this afternoon. I think I made some great jam this week (more on that later), I’m looking forward to spending time at the markets, and I simply hate the organizational part of this business.

I tried to take an inventory this week, and ended up with jars of jam all over my living room floor, several clipboards and yellow pads with contradictory lists of jam, and only a vague idea of what I have. I believe I have about 50 different kinds of jams or jellies, and about 380 jars of jam. Please note — they are all on my living room floor in long lines. It looks like I’ve been playing with my tin soldiers. Also please note — I took a photo and need to get better at putting photos up on this blog. Since I started making jam in March, I’ve made almost 1500 jars of jam in over 70 different varieties.

This weeks jams are all great. The fig is a past winner and I wish I could get more figs. They grow in the Northwest, but nobody seems to sell them I saw somebody on Craigslist who was giving them away, but she lived pretty far away. The golden raspberry with cinnamon is not as pretty as I thought it would be, but the taste is good enough to be illegal. The apple butter was made with apples I hadn’t had before — Shamrock. They are a generally small, green apple with good tartness and they made wonderful apple butter. –

For next week, I’m hoping to find some late season strawberries so I can at least keep going into the fall with strawberry jam. I’m also going to make some peach butter — I’m taking suggestions for spicing the peaches — cinnamon and nutmeg? ginger? cardomon?orange?

The upside of the business part is that I can do what I want. If I run out of strawberry jam, so be it. and I can make the fig jam and sell it, even if it doesn’t hit my price point.

More next week, with photos and recipes —

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