Sangria Jelly?

  So Monday I labored in a hot kitchen, and the results were scrumtious. I made a whole mess of strawberry with vanilla and Amaretto, (I even remembered to add the balsamic vinegar) and I hope I have enough for this weekend and at least part of the rest of the season. This jam is very popular both with kids with sweet tooths (sweet teeth?) and adults so we’ll be tasting this week. I also restocked the Gewurztraminer jelly and the Rhubarb Apple Orange jam. New are strawberry with orange and Sangria. The Sangria is a red wine jelly with citrus and its tasting great. I also made a small amount of Peach — yummo!

I’ll be in my usual haunts. Its suposed to be in the high 80s so do your shopping early.

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