A lush, lush life

While I love to cook, and like to make jam, what I really love is books. I’ve been expanding my little jam library and finally got the River Cottage Preserves¬†book. What a lovely cookbook. Good ideas for flavors, a beautiful book and nice recipes. I have some doublts about canning in the oven, and I’m sure the WA dept of Agriculture wouldn’t let me do it, but I am going to make ketchup when the tomatoes come in this summer.

An aside — tomatoes coming in in Seattle is roughly like H*** freezing over. Seattle is the home of green tomatoes sitting on windowsills waiting for the never-appearing sun, a regular Beckett play — waiting for pinkness.

Back to River Cottage — when you get to a certain level of skill in the kitchen, cookbooks loose their instructional flavor and become travel books, or novels, or memoirs. Leafing through the book I think about having tea in the English countryside with Pam Corbin, a nice cake topped with her orange marmalade, bees hovering. A lush, lush life.

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