What I don’t have.

   This weekend I was asked if I had — Beach Plum, Black Current, Choke Cherry, Marionberry, Muscadine, Huckleberry, crabapple, Tayberry, thimbleberry and pizza jam. (The pizza jam was wanted by a small boy). I don’t have any of those flavors, but I’d be glad to make them if someone would bring me some muscadines, whatever they are, or chokecherrys. I do know about beach plums, as my mom made beach plum jelly at the jersey shore. Sadly, no beach plums here. All joking aside, I really want some fresh figs.

As long as I’m talking about rarities, my daughter the rabbi shared this with me. Her favorite fruit and veg shop in Tel Aviv had a small container of blackberries at a very high price. The shopowner was amazed whe she told him that blackberries were weeds where she came from. 

I had a great time at the markets this weekend, lots of nice people and good weather. In response, I made some new jams — necterine with organic nectarines from Tinys, blackberry, blueberry with lime, both with organic berries from Hayton Farms, and Apricot with ginger. All fun and tasty.

I’ll be at Issaquah and at Fremont this weekend. the weather will be good and I’ll see you there.

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