Zombies and Raspberries

Why I love farmers markets — Sunday I was setting up at Fremont, and went down to the local grocery store to get some coffee. In the window there was a sign:




The explanation was that the night before an attempt was made to set a world record for the zombie walk, and that previous zombie walks had made quite a mess.¬† This sign set the tone for the day as the morning business was filled with the geocacher’s¬†convention. The geocachers go looking for stuff using what appears to be a large number of electronic toys. They all liked my jam.

I also had a great time yesterday making jam. Heres the list — Raspberry cherry, raspberry with lemon and lemongrass, raspberry with star anise, and – hold on to your hats — raspberry Habanero. Then strawberry with chipotle, thank you Tigress, strawberry rhubarb and rhubarb cinnamon.

I don’t like really hot things, but I’m giving in to customer demand with the Habanero. It’s really hot. The strawberry chipoltle, on the other hand has a wonderful smokey flavor. I’m in a spot where I sell as much jam as I make. I’d like to get ahead for the fall, but its difficult.

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