Thoughts at the beginning of July

   I’ve been stuck into Tigress’s CanJam June results for the last two days, to the detriment of my chores. I’d rather sit around and make jam, with all its wonderful flavors, then work or clean the house. I feel like I’m always a week behind as well, because as I’m packing up to go the market this weekend, I’m really thinking about what I’ll make on Monday for next weekend. In an effort to staighten it out —

    This weekend — I’m selling at the Issaquah Farmers Market on Saturday 9 to 2, and at the Fremont Public Market on Sunday. I have a bunch of strawberry jam made with organic strawberries, more strawberry rhubarb, as well as the new kids — Aprium Jam and Strawberry Mint Black Pepper.

    Monday, I’m jamming like crazy. On my mind is Tigress’s strawberry chipoltle, and from Mdme. Ferber — raspberry lemon lemongrass and raspberry with star anise. I’m also tired of macho dudes saying my red pepper jelly isn’t hot enough, so I’m going to make some raspberry with Thai bird chillies. (I’m off to get some rubber gloves tonight to protect my hands, and if I can find scotch bonnets instead I’ll really get it hot).

  Back to Tigress, the whole world of jammers out there seem to be incredibly creative and dedicated. In one way I’m pretty lucky, with the Farmer’s Market gigs, I’m committed to making lots of jam every week. On the other hand, I have to make a bunch of jam every week. The plus outweights the minus by a lot.

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