The Apriums Delight

Made the Aprium jam this morning. It reminds me of an old Mel Brooks line, from the 10,000 year old man. He was talking about nectarines, when he said “Half a peach, half a plum, I love that fruit.” The Aprium is half and apricot, but you get the gist. It seemed to have good acid and the jam was yummy. I used the apricot recipe from Linda Amendt’s book. The Apriums are from Tiny’s Organic, so my whole farmers market idea is working out well.

 Also this morning I made the first raspberry of the year, more strawberry rhubarb (a surprise best seller)  and more Gewurztraminer Jelly. Also now have a checking account and PayPal and my first internet order.

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3 Responses to The Apriums Delight

  1. dcossins says:

    Could you post the aprium jam recipe? I am not familiar with Linda’s book, nor do I have time to hunt it down. I’m overwhelmed with our first big crop of apriums. Thanks!

  2. I used Linda Amendt’s recipe but it is veritually indistinquishable from the one on a packet of Sure Jell or MCP powdered pectin, with the addition of 1/4 Cup fresh lemon juice. The jam is killer.

  3. Your aprium jam is stellar! Thanks so much for sending some over, it was a lovely surprise to see when I arrived at the office. I shared some right away and have been savoring the rest by myself every since. Great flavor and texture.

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