Can there be too much Rhubarb?

Its another cold and rainy week in the Pacific Northwest, the strawberries are sitting in the muddy fields, green and unfriendly, raspberries are still buds, not even thinking about being flowers much less berries, and I face another weekend of making jam, looking for local produce. My imagination is shot — carrots this past week is pretty far out, even for me. And then, who comes to the rescue, but the Tigress — with the results of the May CanJam.

More rhubarb recipes than you can shake a stick at, and lots of them interesting and fun. I’m looking forward to trying rhubarb and orange butter, rhubarb and cinnamon jam, and rhubarb and mango jam. There’s lots of rhubarb around, some of it is even organic, and its local.

On another note, I was fussing around today and found Clotilde’s description of Christine Ferber’s store in Alsace.¬†You may know how much I’m inspired by her cookbook, Mes Confitures and now I have a goal — go shopping at the source.

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